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This 1:76 scale model, designed for OO railway layouts or 20mm wargaming, captures the essence of a charming small timber building. It's perfect for depicting a Boys Brigade meeting hut or serving as a small industrial unit within a historical or contemporary miniature scene. Craftsmanship shines in the precision of the architectural details, from the wooden cladding to the pitched roof, and it stands as a testament to scale accuracy within the context of a miniature world. For railway enthusiasts or wargamers, this model will enhance your setup with its believable textures and period-correct design. It easily integrates with other miniature landscapes, offering a versatile backdrop to various scenarios. Dimensions: Length 101mm, Width 70mm, Height 54mm. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. Small timber building ideal for Boys Brigade meeting hut or small industrial building. 1 piece hollow casting. Dimensions: Length 101mm, Width 70mm, Height 54mm.

"To achieve a similar finished look to this scout hut model, I started by priming the base resin product to ensure a good surface for painting. Then I chose a palette of earthy tones to reflect the timber's natural appearance, carefully applying several layers to build up a realistic finish. The roof required a more methodical approach to accentuate the corrugated texture, using a dry-brushing technique to highlight the ridges. Window frames and door details were picked out with smaller brushes for precision, using contrasting colours to ensure these features stand out. The final step involved a subtle wash to bring depth to the textures and unify the colours, giving the miniature a lived-in look appropriate to its setting." - Stuart
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