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These Shell Splat miniatures reflect the visual reality of artillery impacts within the scale of 1:56, capturing the fragmented terrain created by such explosive moments. The sculpting work emphasises the randomness and harshness of a shelled landscape. The sizes of the pieces are substantial enough for a vivid presence on the wargames tabletop without overshadowing the story that your miniatures are there to tell. With dimensions of 36mm, 46mm, and 57mm in diameter and a subtle height variance from 5mm to 7mm, they can break up the line of sight or provide cover for advancing units. As a hobbyist, you'll find these resin pieces integrate smoothly into diverse war zones, ensuring compatibility with your existing 1:56 scale models. They come to you unpainted, allowing you to customise the look to match your battlefield's aesthetic.

1:56 for 28mm


Dimensions: 36mm, 46mm, 57mm diameter. 5mm to 7mm height.

Keywords: shell splats, resin miniatures, 1:56 scale, wargames accessories, battlefield terrain, model scenery, resin terrain pieces, tabletop gaming, miniature wargaming.

"To achieve the finished look of these Shell Splat models, I started with a base coat to lay down foundational colours that closely resemble the earth, varying the tones in spots to suggest natural inconsistencies in soil. A selection of washes accentuated cracks and crevices, creating depth. Drybrushing with lighter shades helped to highlight the raised areas, mimicking the sun-bleached effect on real debris fields. For the final detail, static grass and tiny pebbled scatter served to blend the miniature into terrain suggestive of a battlefield, without making it too busy or detracting from its main purpose. It's important to work with thin layers and patience, allowing each layer to fully dry before moving to the next step." - Stuart
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