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Capturing the essence of WWII battlefield equipment, this is a finely detailed resin model of a 17-pounder gun turret, designed specifically for use in 1:56 scale wargames. The extended rear bin and the imposing long barrel are characteristic features of this variant of the Sherman Firefly, crafted to enhance the gaming table with a piece that resonates with historical significance. This piece, measuring 117 mm in length including the barrel, 45 mm in width, and 26 mm in height, is a nod to those with an appreciation for scale accuracy and the rich history of armoured warfare.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted and actual product may vary slightly from the image shown.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames. 17pdr gun turret with extended rear bin. Dimensions: 117 mm L including barrel x 45 mm W x 26 mm H.

"Starting with the base resin item, I first applied a primer to ensure a good surface for the paint to stick. After the primer dried, I used acrylic paints to apply a base coat, mimicking the historical olive drab colour scheme known for World War II British armour. I gradually built up the layers, allowing each one to dry before applying the next, to achieve a realistic depth and variety in the shades. Next, I added finer details, such as metallic touches on the gun barrel and hatches, canopy ring, clasps, and hinges to highlight features and add contrast. Finally, I applied a wash to enhance the recessed areas and give the turret an authentic weathered look. Light dry brushing with lighter shades then brought out the raised details and gave a sense of wear typical of vehicles in battlefield conditions." - Stuart
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