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Crafted to represent the poignant remains of a bygone era's fishing vessel, this 1:76 scale miniature boat skeleton exhibits the structural grace of historic maritime engineering. In designing this piece, I paid close attention to replicating the visual narrative of a wooden fishing boat left to the elements, its bones now resting on a low-tide seabed. Weathering techniques have been employed to convey the texture of the timbers and the vestiges of marine life, ensuring that each rib and plank resonates with an air of maritime history.

This piece makes for an evocative addition for both OO railway environments and 20 mm wargames, providing a realistic element to any setup. As a modeller, you'll find that integrating this ship into your miniature world offers an environment that hums with histories untold, inviting contemplation of its past voyages.

Please note that each model is supplied unpainted and may require a minimal degree of assembly.

Dimensions: 131 mm L x 42 mm W x 11 mm H from base to frame top.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways and 20 mm wargames

The ribs of the lower hull of a long-abandoned wooden fishing boat.

Ideal for mudflats or sand at low tide.

Dimensions. 131 mm L x 42 mm W x 11 mm H from base to frame top. 4 mm at the sand level.

"For hobbyists interested in adding a touch of historic maritime flair to their collections, creating a similarly painted representation of this ship skeleton is quite straightforward. I started with a light coat of earthy brown to replicate aged timber, followed by dry-brushing with a lighter sandy color to highlight the wood's texture and give that sun-bleached look. To simulate the barnacle-covered lower hull, spots of darker browns and greens were applied. Finally, painting the sand base involved layering various shades of yellow and beige to give that realistic ground appearance." - Stuart
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