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This finely detailed resin miniature captures the charm of a classic 1:76 scale back garden observatory, perfect for any railway enthusiast looking to add a unique touch to their layout. Its compact size, with dimensions of Length 45mm Width 45mm Height 45mm, allows for easy placement in a variety of settings without dominating the scene. Painters will appreciate the clean cast, which showcases the distinct textures and features of the structure, offering a satisfying painting experience. For those immersed in the hobby of railway modelling, this observatory is a quaint addition, bringing an extra dimension of realism to a scenic backdrop. The model comes in two parts, the dome and body, which fit together seamlessly for a swift assembly. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, ready for you to bring it to life with your own personal touch.

4mm/1:76 for OO.

Keywords: garden observatory, resin miniature, 1:76 scale, railway modeling, railway accessories, back garden star gazing, OO scale buildings, miniature painting.

"To achieve this finish on the small garden observatory, I applied a steady hand and patience. I started with a solid grey primer to ensure an even base for subsequent layers. Subtle variations of grey were dry brushed to highlight the texture of the dome and bring out the panel details. For the main structure, I used a deep blue to contrast against the grey and hand-painted the door and windows with precision to avoid any smudging. Small gold accents were added to represent metal fixtures, giving the piece character without overwhelming it. Finally, a light wash of black subtly settled into the recesses to enhance the realism and depth." - Stuart
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