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1:100 scale SMALL BOAT

1:100 scale SMALL BOAT

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This small boat has been designed for those who enjoy adding a touch of realism to their wargames. It's a pleasing addition to any 1:100 scale setting, made for 15mm scenarios. The dimensions of this piece, with a length of 56mm, width of 26mm and height of 20mm, are in keeping with the scale, ensuring it sits comfortably alongside other miniatures on the battlefield without breaking immersion. With careful attention to the style and proportions common to small working or pleasure boats, enthusiasts should find it meshes well with their existing collections and scenarios. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise it to fit the unique look of your game.

1:100 scale for 15 mm wargames

Small working boat or pleasure boat.

Dimensions: Length 56mm Width 26mm Height 20mm

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"To achieve a similar finish for this small boat, I started with a light primer to ensure all the fine details wouldn't be obscured. Once primed, I applied a base coat, closely matching the hue of a typical small boat found in historical contexts or a contemporary setting that suits a 1:100 scale landscape for wargames. I used a steady hand and fine brushes to carefully paint the smaller features, such as the seats and any onboard equipment, to add depth and realism. Subtle washes helped to bring out the shadows and highlights, giving that sense of wear that comes from the boat being used. Varnishing the miniature added durability to the paint job and a slight sheen, mimicking the light reflecting off the water's surface. Remember, it's all about patience and your steady hand to create a miniature that looks right at home on the wargames table." - Stuart
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