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Crafted with attention to detail, this 1:76 scale reproduction of a small rigid-hull inflatable boat serves as an excellent choice for railway enthusiasts looking to add a maritime touch to their setups. Modeled to reflect its real-world counterpart, each feature from the buoyant tubes to the outboard engine is presented with clarity and precision, suitable for enhancing any 'OO' gauge layout. The dimensions, Length 79mm Width 32mm Height 18mm, ensure it fits seamlessly into scaled environments. While this model comes unpainted, it offers an ideal canvas for experienced hobbyists to display their skill in painting and finishing.

Keywords: resin miniature, inflatable boat, 1:76 scale, OO gauge, railway modelling, nautical accessory, RHIB model, miniature boat, scale modelling, hobbyist collectible.

"To achieve this finished look for the small rigid-hull inflatable boat, I started with a base coat using acrylics, ensuring even coverage to avoid brush marks. For the hull, a vibrant blue was applied, while the inner sections were painted with a mix of khaki and brown to represent the material typically seen on inflatable boats. The seats received a light grey, creating a contrast against the darker tones. Weathering effects were achieved with a wash of diluted black paint, accentuating the detail and depth of the resin casting. Dry brushing was employed to enhance raised areas and create a sense of wear. Fine detailing was completed last, including the outboard motor painted in black with metallic highlights to suggest a used, yet well-maintained engine." - Stuart
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