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This 1:56 scale model speedboat fits seamlessly into the world of 28 mm wargaming. I've found the scale to be spot-on, which is crucial when integrating with figures and scenery on a tabletop landscape. The model captures the essence of a small fibreglass-hulled boat, with proportions and features that look accurate and believable. In hand, it feels substantial, and enthusiasts often appreciate that it requires no assembly, letting you move straight to the rewarding painting process.

For enthusiasts out there, this waterline model is a robust addition to your nautical scenarios, offering a tangible sense of realism for your tactical engagements. The dimensions – 100 mm in length, 42 mm in width, and 25 mm in height – make it an ideal piece for a range of displays and gaming settings.

Remember, the model will be supplied unpainted, giving you the freedom to customise it to fit into your gaming tableau.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames. Waterline model of a small fibreglass hulled speed boat. Solid 1-piece casting. No assembly required. Dimensions 100 mm L x 42 mm W x 25 mm H.

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"After priming this small speedboat model, I carefully applied a base coat with a medium blue, using acrylic paints known for their good coverage. Details like the trim, seats, and smaller features were picked out in lighter shades to highlight the intricacies and enhance the scale effect. Weathering techniques were sparingly used to give a sense of realism, with a focus on where wear and tear might naturally occur. A satin varnish sealed the work, providing a realistic finish that also protects the painted surface." - Stuart
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