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This small water tank is a fitting addition to any OO gauge railway layout, designed to reflect the type of infrastructure you'd find along narrow-gauge lines. I focused on getting the scale right, ensuring that at 1:76 it would seamlessly integrate with existing setups. The dimensions are carefully proportioned to match the size expected in this scale, providing a realistic and proportionate model.

For those looking to add this piece to their collection, it's a chance to bring a slice of railway history onto their layout. Crafted to appear functional and well-used, it reflects the everyday objects that contribute to the authenticity of a scene. The plinth has been sculpted with individual brickwork detail that suggests craftsmanship and is representative of the era typical in a railway environment.

Please note that this model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personalisation to fit your unique layout.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. Ideal water tank for narrow gauge railway. Dimensions: Length 33mm Width 20mm Height 52mm.

Keywords: OO gauge, railway scenery, resin miniature, water tank, scale model, liquid storage, railway modelling accessories

"In creating a similar water tank to the one pictured, I began with a base coat to ensure the details stood out. I then applied a mix of washes and dry brushing to give the stonework a natural look and applied subtle weathering to the tank, to give it a sense of history and use. The metal features were highlighted with a mix of metallic and rust tones to capture the effect of exposure to the elements. Patience and a steady hand were vital in getting the finer details right." - Stuart
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