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This plinth is designed to represent a classic stone pedestal, scaled down to 1:56 for wargames. It captures the distinct texture and contours of weathered masonry, complete with its own data plates that add to the overall realism. The proportions are carefully considered to make sure it fits in seamlessly with 28mm figures, enhancing the visual storytelling on the battlefield.

As someone deeply engaged with the hobby, I feel this piece reflects a grounded approach to historical wargaming scenery, focusing on precision and attention to the nuances that distinguish a good model from a great one. It's perfect for those who appreciate a solid backdrop for their figures, giving them the elevation and prominence they deserve.

Dimensions: 30 mm sq at base x 72 mm H

Text Description: 1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames figs. A stone column with data plates for mounting large bronze statues. (figure not included)

This model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to personalise it to your own taste.

Keywords: statue plinth, 1:56 scale, wargames scenery, resin miniature, scale model, wargaming accessory, historical scenery

"To achieve this level of finish on the statue plinth, I started with a base coat to ensure a smooth surface, followed by layering different shades of grey to create the look of aged stone. Attention to detail was important, especially for the weathering effects, which I accomplished by dry brushing lighter tones over the darker base. The data plates are subtly highlighted with a touch of bronze to give the impression of a metallic texture, which contrasts nicely with the stone. A simple yet effective painting technique can make a significant difference in bringing out the depth and realism in the miniature." - Stuart
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