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This model is a fine example of how a background in historical research can complement scale modelling, resulting in a steel boat that is not only proportionate to its real-life counterpart but also visually complements any 1:56 scale wargaming scenery. I’ve aimed to give enthusiasts a resin model that resonates with the period it represents, ensuring each feature is clear and recognisable. The dimensions are carefully respected to match the 1:56 ratio, creating an immersive experience when used in wargaming scenarios. It's important to me that such a piece can help wargamers achieve a sense of realism in their tactical tabletop recreations. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customisation.

Dimensions: Length 178mm Width 52mm Height 18mm

Keywords: scale model, resin miniature, wargaming, boat model, 1:56 scale, military history, tabletop gaming, pontoon bridge accessory, modelling enthusiast

"To achieve the finish seen here, I started with a primer to ensure the subsequent layers of paint would adhere well to the resin surface. I selected historically accurate colours and applied them neatly to preserve the details of the boat's structure. Using a fine brush, I highlighted the planking and other features to enhance the realism. For weathering, I used a combination of dry brushing and washes to bring out the texture and to give the impression of use and exposure to the elements. The overall aim was to present the model as lifelike as possible within a historical context, rather than something that appears as if it just rolled off the production line." - Stuart
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