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This finely scaled roadblock offers a realistic addition for anyone looking to enhance their 28mm wargaming experience. The attention to detail ensures the setup can seamlessly blend into diverse battlefields, bolstering the tactical depth of your scenarios. With dimensions of Length 155mm, Width 35mm, Height 22mm, it's a substantial piece that catches the eye without dominating the tableau. Scaled to 1:56, it's meant to provide a visual and strategic element to your games. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to personalise the final look to suit your specific gaming environment.

1:56 for 28mm

Dimensions: Length 155mm Width 35mm Height 22mm


"The item in this image is a set of steel pipes arranged to serve as a roadblock, scaled at 1:56, which I painted to give a realistic appearance for wargaming scenarios. To achieve the finished look, I used a combination of acrylic paints, starting with a base coat of rusty brown to give the pipes an aged and corroded effect. From there, I applied a dry brushing technique to highlight the texture and edges with lighter rust shades. To create contrast, I included patches of sandbags which I painted in a muted earth tone, followed by a light dry brushing to accentuate the details. The ground cover was painted to mimic a dirt road, flecked with static grass and small stones to add to the realism. This gives the impression that the roadblock has been hastily arranged in a combat zone. Additional details, such as wheel rims and oil drums, are picked out in shades that complement the overall scheme, grounding the piece in a believable setting." - Stuart
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