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This model captures the essence of a steel wheelhouse often seen on boats, reflecting the same structure and features on a 1:76 scale. As an enthusiast for OO railway environments, I took care to ensure the proportions matched historical references and the scale. The dimensions are Length 39mm, Width 33mm, Height 35mm, making it a suitable addition for railway and nautical themed model displays. Note that the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Ideal modelling item for making your own model boat

Dimensions: Length 39mm Width 33mm Height 35mm

Keywords: 1:76, resin miniature, steel wheelhouse, OO railway, model boat, scale modelling, nautical, railway modelling.

"In painting this steel wheelhouse, I started with a primer to ensure the paint would adhere properly to the resin surface. I then applied a base coat and added layers of paint, using a palette that reflects the typical colours you might find on a real wheelhouse, keeping in mind the effects of weathering and the sea. A steady hand detailed the finer features, such as the windows and the door, to bring out the realism in this piece." - Stuart
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