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This scale model captures the essence of a Scottish rural building, hewn from stone. The texture of the walls reflects the craftsmanship, with care taken to represent the rough, hand-laid look you'd find in the countryside. The corrugated roof with its rusty patina speaks of years braving the elements, and I endeavoured to represent that historical wear in my work. Suitable for both OO scale railway setups and 1:76 scale wargaming, it blends seamlessly into these environments, enhancing the realistic backdrop for enthusiasts and collectors. The model has an unassuming presence on the table, inviting closer inspection to appreciate the fine detailing. It's cast hollow, with a removable roof, facilitating ease of use in a variety of imaginative settings. It measures 80 mm in length, 64 mm in width, and 52 mm in height.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. A typical stone built croft or farm outbuilding with a tin roof. Hollow cast model with a removable roof. Dimensions: 80 mm L x 64 mm W x 52 mm H. The model is supplied unpainted.

Keywords: scale model, stone building, sheet metal roof, OO railway, 1:76 wargaming, Scottish building, croft model, farm outbuilding miniature,

"To achieve a similar finish on this rural stone croft with a corrugated sheet metal roof, I started by applying a base coat of grey paint to the resin surface to mimic stone. Weathering techniques were used to add a realistic touch, such as dry brushing lighter shades of grey for highlights and adding subtle mossy green tones to suggest age and exposure to the elements. The roof received a coat of metallic paint, with hints of rust tones to represent wear and natural decay from harsh weather conditions. Small details like the wooden door and the window were carefully painted to stand out against the stony textures, giving the piece character and depth." - Stuart
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