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This charming stone croft with a grass roof is reflective of the kind often found in Scottish landscapes, suitable for both OO railways and 20mm wargames settings. The structure's stonework and unique roof, complete with a fishing net weighted by stones, exhibit a craftsmanship that pays homage to the traditional styles of these buildings. The dimensions of this hollow cast model – 79 mm in length, 63 mm in width, and 47 mm in height – ensure it fits perfectly within the scale landscapes. Whether it's integrated into a bustling OO gauge railway scene or positioned in the midst of a 20mm scale tabletop battle, the model adds a touch of realism to any setup. This resin miniature is supplied unpainted, allowing enthusiasts to customise and paint it to their own specifications.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. A typical Scottish type of dwelling or shed. With fishing net weighted with stones to protect the roof from high wind damage. A hollow

"Starting with the base resin miniature, I focused on bringing out the textures of the stonework and thatched roofing. I applied an undercoat to prime the surface, which helped subsequent layers of paint adhere better and enhanced the overall finish. For the stone, I used a palette of greys, layering from darker shades in the recesses to lighter tones on the edges to create depth. The roof was given a warm, straw-coloured base, then dry brushed with lighter hues to replicate the look of sun-faded thatch. The grass on the roof was painted in varying shades of green to add to the realistic effect, and I carefully painted the weighted fishing net, adding small details to give the impression of stones. To complete the look, I painted the tiny windows and doors with precision, ensuring they fit the scale and ambience of the model. The entire painting process was done with patience, aiming to maintain the character and charm of a typical Scottish dwelling." - Stuart
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