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With extensive experience in crafting scenery pieces for wargaming, this section of stone wall represents a fine balance between detailed realism and practical gaming utility for 1:56 scale setups. Its proportions are tailored for use alongside 28mm figures, ensuring that it fits seamlessly on the battlefield. The finished look you see here is achieved with a nuanced painting technique that highlights the deep textures and varied hues of stony surfaces.

The quality of craftsmanship is evident in the carefully sculpted details that bring this otherwise inanimate object to life. Keen on historical scenarios? This wall wouldn't look out of place in a variety of periods, contributing to the overall aesthetic and tactical elements of your game.

The dimensions of this miniaturised section of stone wall are Length 147mm, Width 6mm, Height 28mm. It's important to note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise the look to your own wargaming landscape.

Text Description:

1:56 for 28mm

Straight stone wall section.

Dimensions: Length 147mm, Width 6mm, Height 28mm


resin miniature, 1:56 scale, wargaming accessories, stone wall

"Starting with the base resin piece, I first gave it a coat of grey primer to help subsequent layers of paint adhere better. Once the primer was dry, I applied a base coat of dark grey to represent the stones. To give the stones a more natural look, I used a technique called dry brushing with lighter shades of grey. This helps to highlight the texture and edges of each stone. For the mortar, I carefully painted in between the stones with a very light grey, ensuring not to cover the stones themselves. To add a touch of realism and age, I sparingly applied dark brown washes into the recesses to simulate dirt build-up over time. Finally, a light grey dry brush finished the piece, capturing the essence of weathered stone without overdoing it." - Stuart
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