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This straight wood-reinforced berm has been crafted to complement 1:56 scale wargaming scenarios, offering a realistic addition to defensive setups. It's designed with historical references in mind to ensure that it fits seamlessly into various period settings. The model is straightforward to integrate with other defences and terrain features, enhancing strategic gameplay. As someone who enjoys bringing these pieces to life, I find it rewarding when the final product enhances the tabletop experience and encourages imaginative engagement. The dimensions of this piece are Length 77mm, Width 34mm, Height 20mm, making it a suitable and proportional feature for your layouts. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for maximum customisation based on your preferences.

1:56 for 28mm. Dimensions: Length 77mm Width 34mm Height 20mm.


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"The piece you're looking at has been painted to represent a wooden berm reinforced with additional timber. I approached the painting by starting with a base coat to establish the underlying wood colour. Once that was dry, I applied a wash to accentuate the grain and texture, really bringing out the fine details. A light dry brush technique helped to highlight the edges and create depth. For the reinforcing beams, I used a slightly different tone to distinguish them from the planking, adding to the realism. The moss and subtle weathering effects were achieved with a stippled application of various green shades and some gentle blending. It's all about layering the paints and taking the time to build up the colours to get that lived-in, authentic look." - Stuart
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