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1:76 STRAW BALES x 16

1:76 STRAW BALES x 16

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These 1:76 scale straw bales offer a level of detail that brings a touch of realism to OO railway layouts and 20mm wargame dioramas. With their precise dimensions and thoughtfully sculpted texture, they provide an essential aspect of scenic modelling to any rural scene or agriculture-themed setting. Designed with enthusiasts in mind, these straw bales have been scaled for compatibility with existing setups, allowing for seamless integration into your crafted landscapes.

Dimensions 14 mm L x 8 mm W x 5 mm H. Please note the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames.

Small straw bales. Pack of 16.

Dimensions 14 mm L x 8 mm W x 5 mm H

Keywords: resin miniatures, 1:76 straw bales, OO railway scenery, wargame terrain, scale accessories, miniature modelling, railway modelling supplies, landscape details, straw bale miniatures, 20mm gaming terrain.

"To achieve this realistic finish on the straw bales, I started with a light tan base coat, ensuring consistent coverage to capture that fresh, dry straw look. Once the base dried, I applied a wash of darker brown to bring out the intricate texture, mimicking the shadows one would see on actual bales. Finishing touches included dry brushing with a lighter shade to highlight the edges, creating a natural appearance of depth. I paid special attention to maintaining the integrity of the original resin detail - it's the fine lines and subtle texture that really give these miniatures their lifelike quality." - Stuart
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