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Within this assortment, you'll find detailed pieces that accurately reflect the scale and functionality of period supply equipment. From stacked boxes to oil drums, each item is carefully shaped to represent real-world objects that would have been commonplace around military operations. Camouflage nets come with a textured surface to catch light and shadow just like fabric does in the environment. Careful observation and research into historical references have informed the design of each piece, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your wargames or railway models, enhancing the scene with practical elements that served as the lifeblood of logistical efforts. All items are relevant for either wargaming terrain or as an addition to 1:72 scale model railway settings, extending the versatility of the set. Keep in mind, these resin miniatures are supplied unpainted, allowing you to tailor the finish to your own project's requirements.

Dimensions: Not provided

Text Description: 1:72 for OO or 20mm. An assortment of 16 items for creating ammo and petrol dumps. Stacked boxes, tents, covered loads, cammo nets, oil drums.

Keywords: resin miniatures, supply dump, 1:72 scale, model railway, wargaming terrain, military diorama accessories, historical models, detail enhancement, army logistics

"For this set, I focused on a muted, realistic colour palette to enhance the details in the resin. I started with a primer to ensure the paint adhered well and then used a combination of washes and dry brushing to bring out the textures, especially the wood grain and tarpaulin wrinkles. For metallic parts like the drums, I applied a base coat followed by a light dry brush of metallic paint to simulate wear. Finally, I used subtle weathering powders to give everything a well-used look, perfect for a supply dump scene." - Stuart
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