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For wargaming enthusiasts who seek to enrich their 1:56 scale scenarios, these temporary graves with accompanying wooden grave markers meet your needs for historical scenarios with subtlety and scale accuracy. Each earth mound and wooden cross is designed to fit seamlessly into various terrain setups, offering a touch of solemn realism to your tabletop battles. Earth mounds range in size for varied visual interest and are detailed to replicate the hastily prepared resting places found in wartime environments. These small yet significant pieces are instrumental in setting a scene or telling a story within your gaming sessions. Note that the rifle and helmet depicted are not part of this offer. The item is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customisation. Dimensions are approximately 34-40mm long x 12-17mm wide x 5-7mm high for the mounds, and 12mm high for the crosses.

1:56 for 28mm

3 temporary graves and 3 wooden grave markers.

Earth mounds approx size 34 -40mm long x 12-17mm wide x 5-7mm high.

Wooden crosses approx 12mm high.

The rifle and helmet in the photos are not included.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, 28mm scale, wargaming terrain, wargames accessories, miniature graves, resin models, historical miniatures, tabletop gaming, scale modelling.

"To create a similar item from the base resin product, I started with a neat basecoat, ensuring even coverage while preserving the fine details. I chose a palette of earthy tones to paint the mounds, applying lighter shades to highlight the texture and give an impression of natural variance in the soil. For the wooden grave markers, I used a lighter wood color, then applied a thin wash to bring out the wood grain details. Careful dry brushing techniques were essential to accentuate the edges and create a weathered look. Finally, the paint was sealed with a matte varnish for protection." - Stuart
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