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This scale model captures the essence of a temporary wooden bridge that could have been seen in various military operations, especially fitting scenarios of the Eastern front. The structure is designed to incorporate functionality in gameplay, allowing for assembly and disassembly without adhesives, representing both intact and destroyed states. It's built to support the dimensions of the allocated scale, offering a realistic space for model vehicles and figures. I've included cast-in wires within the 'A' frames for added stability. This model bridge spans an 80mm wide gap and measures 280mm in length from ramp to ramp, with a base width of 100mm and a height of 70mm to the top of the 'A' frame. It is designed to complement wargaming tables and enhance the tactical aspects of historical battles, offering an accurate portrayal of a makeshift military bridge. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customisation to your own thematic preferences.

1:56 Temporary Wooden Bridge

Wooden emergency bridge. Simple 5 piece kit. Designed to be assembled without glue so you can take it apart to represent a blown bridge. The 'A' frames slot into holes in the ramp bases and the road deck rests in between. Wire inserts are cast into the 'A' frame to support the thin resin structure better. Suitable for 1:56 figures. Great for Eastern front scenarios. Ideal for many different historical periods. Bridge will span an 80mm wide obstacle. Overall length from ramp to ramp is 280mm. Width at base of ramp is 100mm.

"To achieve a similar finish to this temporary wooden bridge model, I started with a base coat that matched the natural wood colour. Once dry, I applied washes to accentuate the wooden texture and to add depth to the details. For weathering, I dry brushed lighter shades along the edges and over the planks to simulate sun fading and wear. I made sure to handle the resin components with care to keep the intricate details intact." - Stuart
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