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This straight-run earthwork with timber defenses brings historically influenced design to life for anyone engaged in wargaming scenarios. Crafted with attention to detail, it's built to complement figures in a 1:56 scale, creating an immersive backdrop for historical reenactments or strategy games. I've worked to ensure that the proportions resonate with realism and that the model blends well into a variety of battle settings. The textures and built-in features of the resin cast were chosen carefully to represent typical defensive works of the time. The dimensions of this model are 155 mm L x 24 mm W x 20 mm H, and it's supplied unpainted, giving you the freedom to customize the paint scheme to your own wargaming setup.

1:56 scale for 28 mm figures. Straight length earthwork with cut timber defensive work. Dimensions. 155 mm L x 24 mm W x 20 mm H.

Keywords: wargames, miniature defences, scale models, historical miniatures, resin scenery, tabletop gaming accessories, 1:56 scale terrain.

"To achieve the finish seen here, I started by applying a solid primer to ensure a good foundation for the subsequent paint layers. I then used a range of earthy acrylic paints to create a natural look for the timber and earthwork details. A dry brush technique helped to highlight the texture of the wooden logs and the roughness of the earthen sections. Layers of wash were applied to deepen the recesses and give the piece more dimension. Finally, I added a light dusting of pigments to replicate dirt and wear, giving the structure a weathered appearance and a sense of history." - Stuart
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