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This 1:76 scale model replicates a 20-foot timber garage, commonly seen accompanying OO scale railway layouts. The casting is a hollow single piece, making it straightforward to handle and paint. The attention to detail reflects in the relief and textures, replicating the wooden slats and panelling of real-world structures. Its proportions are true to life, with doors that complement the overall size, offering railway enthusiasts a believable addition for their scenic displays. This model, with dimensions of Length 84mm, Width 42mm, Height 41mm, provides ample opportunity for personalisation through painting and weathering. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm, 20 ft wooden garage with double doors. 1 piece hollow casting. Dimensions: Length 84mm, Width 42mm, Height 41mm.


resin miniature, 1:76 scale garage, OO scale building, railway modelling, timber garage, model painting, hobbyist detailing, scenery accessory, scale accuracy.

"Starting with a smooth base resin miniature of a 1:76 scale timber garage, I chose a colour palette that would reflect the natural wood and the common outdoor wear it would experience. A light sand colour for the timber walls was applied to simulate a weathered wooden appearance. The double doors were painted with a darker shade to create contrast and depth. A basic grey was used for the roof, which was then dry-brushed with a mix of lighter greys to give the look of worn metal sheeting. Finishing touches, such as light washes, were used to accentuate the wooden texture and panel lines to give the piece a more realistic look. No construction or preparation was needed before painting, as the resin casting was clean and detailed." - Stuart
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