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1:56 TIN SHACK 'A'

1:56 TIN SHACK 'A'

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In this miniaturised scale dwelling, I've focused on capturing the essence of a makeshift structure that's commonly found on the sidelines of battlefields. Built for 1:56 scale, it fits seamlessly into wargaming set-ups. It's a straightforward ensemble that speaks volumes through its realistic textures and weathered appearance. The dimensions of this model measure 65 mm in length, 40 mm in width, and 42 mm in height, offering ample detail without dominating a scene.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames

Sheet metal and scrap wood dwelling or shed.

A simple 5 piece kit.

Dimensions. 65 mm L x 40 mm W x 42 mm H

This model is supplied unpainted, perfect for hobbyists and enthusiasts who enjoy bringing their own creativity to the tabletop.

Keywords: scale model, resin miniature, wargames accessory, terrain building, miniature shed, hobbyist kit, scale detailing.

"To achieve a similar result on this scale shack, I started with a base coat, using acrylic paints that adhere well to resin surfaces. I chose a rusty colour palette for the metal parts to give an aged, weathered look, and dry-brushed lighter tones over the darker ones to highlight texture and details. For the wooden parts, I used a mix of browns and a fine brush to accentuate the wood grain. A wash of dark paint was then applied to the entire model to settle in the recesses and enhance the shadows. Once the wash dried, I carefully added small touches like the tarp on the roof and other tiny details to bring the scale model to life. It's all about layering your paints and taking your time with the finishing touches." - Stuart
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