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1:56 TRUCK LOADS (12piece)

1:56 TRUCK LOADS (12piece)

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This set includes an assortment of 12 resin pieces designed for 1:56 scale wargames, providing a varied selection to enhance scenarios and increase the realism of gameplay. The crates and containers are ideal for creating immersive supply depots or load setups for military vehicles. The larger wooden chest and metal drums, despite the latter slightly leaning towards a 1:48 scale, have been crafted to complement vehicles and set pieces, adding strategic depth to wargame sessions. With close attention to the intricacies of military supplies, these pieces provide an engaging way to add detail to your battlefield. Each piece comes unpainted, allowing for a high level of customisation.

Dimensions of the pieces vary to suit the 1:56 scale, providing a realistic size ratio that complements the surrounding figures and vehicles in a wargame setting.

1:56 for 28mm

12 Assorted load items for trucks 'n' tanks

NOTE. the oil drums in this set are closer to 1:48 scale

Keywords: resin miniature, wargaming, scale model, 1:56 scale, military miniatures, truck loads, tank accessories, 28mm supplies, model painting, historical wargame, supply crate, oil drum.

"To achieve the finished look for these truck load pieces, I started with a base coat that complemented the final colours I envisioned for each item. For the wooden crates, I used a light brown base, then layered with darker brown washes to bring out the wood grain details. For the metal containers and oil drums, I chose a base of grey and red respectively, then used dry brushing techniques to highlight the edges and create a worn, used appearance. I was careful to add subtle weathering effects to enhance realism, using a mix of washes and pigments, focusing on areas that would naturally accumulate wear and tear." - Stuart
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