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As a model enthusiast, I appreciate the importance of accuracy and detail, so I’ve put my skills to work on crafting this outdoor makeshift vehicle workshop, suitable for 1:56 scale scenarios. Boasting realistic details and proportions consistent with this scale, except for the oil drums which are more in line with a 1:48 scale, this model provides a lived-in appearance that's vital for bringing scenarios to life. It serves as a compelling piece on the tabletop, adding depth to war games. The dimensions are notably Length 120mm Width 110mm Height 20mm, providing substantial presence without dominating the scene.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

Text Description:

1:56 for 28mm. Outdoor makeshift vehicle workshop. Dimensions: Length 120mm Width 110mm Height 20mm. NOTE: The oil drums in this model are closer to 1:48 scale.


resin miniatures, vehicle maintenance, model workshop, scale detailing, war games accessories, 1:56 scale, tabletop gaming, miniature scenery.

"To achieve the finish on this makeshift outdoor vehicle workshop, I focused on a realistic color palette and weathering effects to convey use and exposure to the elements. Starting with a base coat that matched the typical colors of such military equipment, I built up layers of washes and dry brushing to highlight textures and details. For the wooden parts, I carefully applied lighter shades to imitate wood grain and added subtle wear. Strategic use of rust effects and slight oil stains contributed to the authenticity of the scene, without overpowering the overall look. I paid special attention to the scale discrepancies of the oil drums, ensuring their coloration and finish integrated well with the other elements." - Stuart
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