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These 1:56 scale vehicle spares are designed for those who take delight in the intricate details of their wargaming miniatures. Crafted to scale, they are made to complement 1:56 scale vehicles, with each piece shaped to provide a realistic look to your wargame settings. This set includes nine separate components, like tyres, crates, and tarpaulins, which fit together with ease to enhance your models. For those who appreciate historical scenarios, the fidelity of these pieces to their real-world counterparts adds substance and depth to gaming experiences. These items bring depth to the miniature world, enhancing gameplay and diorama setups alike.

Dimensions are consistent with 1:56 scale vehicles, ensuring they integrate smoothly into existing collections. These components are suitable for various settings and can be adapted to a broad range of periods and conflicts, providing flexibility for hobbyists.

Each model comes unpainted, allowing for personal customisation.

1:56 for 28mm. 9 spare pieces for adding to vehicles.

"Starting with a primer base, I used a palette of muted, authentic military colours to paint these vehicle spares. Each piece was approached with a focus on enhancing the fine details that make them stand out at this scale. I applied washes to accentuate the shadows and dry-brushed the highlights for a worn look. The tyres received a dusty finish, while the crates and ammo boxes were detailed enough to suggest regular use without overdoing the weathering." - Stuart
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