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This set is designed for tabletop wargamers who appreciate fine details that enhance the realism of their scenarios. I focused on scale accuracy to ensure these supplies look right at home next to any 1:56 scale vehicle. The items include an assortment of bedrolls and gear to represent the kind of equipment soldiers might have strapped to their transports. The textures of the fabric and equipment surfaces hold paint well, allowing for nuanced finishes. These components can be a subtle yet potent addition to the narrative on the battlefield.

As a wargaming enthusiast myself, I understand the value of components that can personalise vehicles and that grounds the action in a tangible reality. Collectors and gamers will find that this assortment of gear, when painted, can provide that extra detail which makes a scene come to life.

Please note that this model comes as an unpainted resin product, offering you the freedom to customise the colours and finishes to suit your specific battlefield theme.

1:56 for 28mm

14 piece set of bed rolls and assorted items for vehicles

Keywords: 1:56 scale, vehicle stowage, wargames accessories, resin miniatures, bed rolls, 28mm scale, miniature supplies, vehicle components, military modelling, historical wargaming.

"To achieve the look of this 1:56 scale set of vehicle stowage, I started with a primer to ensure good paint adhesion, then applied a series of earthy tones and washes to bring out the textures. Weathering techniques were crucial to give the items a well-used look, simulating the wear and tear you’d expect in the field. Strategic drybrushing highlighted edges and raised details, giving each piece a sense of dimension. Finally, a matte varnish sealed the paint job, protecting it from handling during gameplay." - Stuart
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