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This finely cast resin model is of a small Victorian-era Highland house, commonly found throughout Scotland. Its proportions and detailing reflect the architectural characteristics of the period, making it a great addition to any 1:76 scale railway layout or wargame setup where historical context is appreciated. Care has been taken to ensure the model resonates with both the meticulous enthusiast and the casual collector looking for a touch of realism in their scenes.

When working on projects like this, I think about how these buildings fit within their landscapes and how they’ll be used. This piece caters to those who appreciate the historical character—right down to the crisp lines of the gables and the texture of the stonework that's so distinctive of Scottish architecture.

Whether you're positioning it within a railway village or adding it to a historical wargame, its solid casting captures the essence of the period. This model has dimensions of 92mm L x 68 mm W x 75 mm H, providing a sizeable, yet unobtrusive, feature.

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, offering you the freedom to customize.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20mm wargames. A single-piece resin casting of a small Victorian period cottage or house

"Starting with a base resin model, I chose a subtle palette to reflect the time period and location of this Victorian Highland House. I applied a gentle cream colour for the walls, ensuring I got a good coverage over the entire surface. For the roof, I went with a dark grey to simulate slate, adding a bit of lighter dry brushing to highlight the texture. The doors and windows were painted in a distinctive blue, a common choice for the period, to add a pop of colour that contrasts nicely with the cream walls. I used a fine brush for the window frames to keep the lines clean. Finally, a light brown wash helped to bring out the details and give the piece some depth by accentuating the shadows." - Stuart
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