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This Victorian steam launch at a 1:76 scale captures the elegance of a bygone era, lending itself to OO railway and 20mm wargame settings. Designed with keen attention to scale and proportion, its hull and components fit harmoniously within historical scenarios. This scale model reflects a commitment to accuracy and detail, capturing the essence of the Victorian period's maritime craft. Hull dimensions are 124 mm L x 39 mm W x 6 mm H, with a total height of 75 mm to the top of the mast. The boiler and engine are sized at 54 mm L x 12 mm W x 16 mm H, reaching a height of 30 mm to the top of the funnel. Loving the journey from historical research to the final touches of paint allows me to provide fellow enthusiasts with a piece that feels authentic to the era. While it has been a joy to finish this model, it is supplied unpainted, offering you the freedom to paint it to your own specifications.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways and 20 mm wargames

A small waterline steam launch with removable boiler and engine

Hull dimensions. 124 mm L x 39 mm W x 6 mm H

"To achieve the finish seen in the image, I started with a base coat to bring out the details of the wood and metalwork. The wooden deck was carefully painted with a fine brush to accentuate the planking, and a wash was applied to deepen the lines and add depth. The metal elements received a base metallic coat and were then highlighted by dry-brushing with a lighter metallic shade to bring out the texture. Additional weathering techniques, such as selective washes and subtle dry-brushing, were used to give the boat a used, but well-maintained appearance. Finally, a matt varnish was applied to seal the paintwork, ensuring that the boat remained presentable in both wargames and as part of OO railway setups." - Stuart
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