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A 1:72 scale aircraft blast wall, historically reflective of those used to shelter aircraft as seen during the Vietnam war. Each wall consists of 16 finely cast panels. 3 of these walls makes up a 'U' shape blast pen.

For the wargamer using 20mm figures in their historical gaming this model is just one of my range of 1:72 and 1:76 scale resin cast pieces that are designed to help you create all sorts of interesting scenarios in your tabletop gaming. Whether terrain, building, vehicle or detail accessory you are sure to find lots of unique pieces in this collection of scale miniatures. I have tried to make as many of the models as I can requiring no assembly. Some do, but I have tried to keep the parts to as few pieces as possible. All are supplied unpainted giving you the opportunity to personalise it with a paint scheme that fits your own game's era and theatre. The final look is up to you.

Dimensions for each complete 16-panel wall are 290 mm L x 22 mm W x 49 mm H. 

1:72 scale for 20 mm wargames. Vietnam war era metal blast pen wall with earth infill. Used to protect aircraft. This is a 2 piece hollow casting 16 panel wall for the protection of helicopters and fighter jets. Each wall is now produced in 2 sections to be joined together. I had to make it this way in order for the silicone moulds to fit inside the pressure pot during casting.

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