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In your wargames set during the Vietnam era, accurate scenery is just as important as the figurines you march across the battlefield. That's why I've spent time designing a detailed 1:72 scale aircraft blast wall, historically reflective of those used to shelter aircraft. For hobbyists passionate about historical wargaming and collecting, this piece offers an immediate connection to the era's unique infrastructure, enhancing your game's realism.

Each wall consists of 16 finely cast panels and looks convincingly sturdy once painted, resembling the real-life metal structures from the period. This two-piece hollow design makes it convenient for assembly, ensuring the model fits neatly into your wargaming landscape. For a convincing 'U' shaped pen, you'll require three walls. It's an essential addition that immediately elevates the tactical depth and visual interest of your scenario.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing 1:72 scale collections, the dimensions for each complete 16-panel wall are 290 mm L x 22 mm W x 49 mm H. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

1:72 scale for 20 mm wargames. Vietnam war era metal blast pen wall with earth infill. Used to protect aircraft. This is a 2 piece hollow casting 16 panel wall for the protection of helicopters and fighter jets. Each wall is now produced in 2 sections to be joined together.

"To achieve the finished look of this blast wall, I applied a base coat in a military grey color, ensuring even coverage to maintain the fine detail. Weathering was added by dry-brushing lighter and darker shades to highlight the texture, and simulate the wear from natural elements. Earth effects were replicated using a combination of pigments to give the impression of earth infill. This two-section casting is designed for ease, requiring no sanding or trimming prior to painting, thus allowing hobbyists to focus on the creative aspect of the finishing process." - Stuart
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