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For railway modelling enthusiasts who value precision and detail, these 1:76 scale resin wagon loads are a testament to fine craftsmanship suited for OO gauge scenery. Each piece reflects careful consideration of scale proportions, providing a sense of depth to model railway settings. The variety of loads allows for diverse scenery composition, enhancing the visual narrative of your railway scenes with plausible everyday items. These models fit snugly into the typical railway wagon, but should you need to adjust the size, they can be easily modified with simple cutting and sanding.

Dimensions: Length 64mm Width 25mm.

Please check the dimensions of your wagon before ordering as there are various types, and some modification may be necessary. The models are supplied unpainted, so you can customise them according to your scenic design and preferences.

4mm/1:76 for OO. 4 assorted railway wagon loads. Dimensions: Length 64mm Width 25mm. If using as a railway wagon load please check the dimensions of your wagon before ordering. There are too many types for me to make a one size fits all. Some of my loads can be cut down and sanded to fit.

Keywords: OO railway, railway accessories, 1:76 scale, wagon loads, resin miniatures, model scenery, railway modelling.

"To achieve a finish like this on the 1:76 scale railway wagon loads, I started by priming the resin pieces to ensure the paint adhered well. I then used a palette of carefully selected colours, making sure to dry-brush the edges for a worn look, which adds to the realism. A wash was applied to accentuate the details and give depth to the textures. I finished with a matte varnish to protect the paintwork and reduce any unwanted shine for a more authentic appearance. It's all about patience, a steady hand, and an eye for detail." - Stuart
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