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For enthusiasts looking for a scaled addition to their wargaming collection, these 1:56 scale wall corner posts are crafted to complement your scenarios with a touch of realism. I took special care to ensure that the scale dimensions are precise, offering you a product that seamlessly fits into a variety of settings, capturing the essence of a functional military or civilian scenario without overshadowing the other elements of your layout.

Each corner post stands at 31mm tall, making them prominent enough to be noticeable but not overbearing. Whether you're setting up a defensive position or creating the outline of a fortified structure, these posts can serve multiple purposes. Remember, the model comes unpainted, offering you the chance to apply your personal touch to each piece.

Dimensions: 7mm x 7mm x 31mm H

Text Description: 1:56 for 28mm. Pack of 6 concrete corner posts for our wall sections.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, miniatures, wargaming accessories, resin corner posts, scale model walls, wargame scenery, miniature terrain, scale modeling.

"Starting with the base resin miniature, I chose a subtle palette to replicate the look of concrete, paying close attention to the natural variations you'd find in such material. A base coat of light grey provided the foundation, followed by washes in darker shades to bring out the details. Dry brushing with a lighter tone helped to highlight the edges and textures, suggesting wear and imperfections you'd expect in real concrete. A fine brush was used for selective spot highlighting, completing the effect of a well-weathered piece suitable for enhancing any wargaming setting." - Stuart
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