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1:76 WASTE SKIPS x 4

1:76 WASTE SKIPS x 4

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These steel waste skips bring a touch of real-world detail to any 1:76 scale model railway. Their dimensions are carefully crafted to ensure they fit naturally within the scene, providing a practical yet visually appealing element to the layout. With dimensions of Length 35mm, Width 22mm, Height 18mm, these skips are sized just right for the setting they're designed to inhabit. The level of detail reflects a clear understanding of scale and the importance of accurate proportions, which is vital for collectors who value precision in their displays. I take pleasure in bringing forward such pieces that elevate the realism of model environments. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing you the opportunity to customize the finish to your liking.

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm, Pack of 4 small steel waste skips Dimensions: Length 35mm Width 22mm Height 18mm

Keywords: 1:76 scale waste skips, model railway accessories, OO gauge scenery, scale steel skips, detailed resin miniatures, unpainted model skips, realistic railway models, hobbyist miniatures, scale model detailing, railway modelling supplies.

"In creating these waste skips, I aimed for a realistic finish that would fit seamlessly on a model railway layout. Starting with a base coat, I carefully applied layers of paint to achieve the rusty appearance you might see on skips that have weathered the elements over time. Details matter, so I made sure to highlight the textural intricacies with a combination of washes and dry brushing techniques. This helps to emphasize the wear and inconsistencies you'd find in their real-world counterparts. I included debris for added realism, always considering the correct scale. It's rewarding to see such small additions make a significant impact on the overall scene." - Stuart
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