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This water tower and tank is scaled to fit seamlessly into railway settings. Crafted considering proportions specific to the 1:76 scale, it captures the essence of industrial railway architecture. It's essential for enthusiasts who appreciate fine details and strive for realism in their layouts.

The design includes features such as a distinct door, tank structure, and supports, which together provide an authentic look without compromising on scale fidelity. The model promises to add depth and character to the surrounding miniature landscape.

While the dimensions ensure it complements existing structures and trains, its potential to act as a focal point on a layout is inherent in its design. It offers an opportunity to practice various painting techniques and to personalise it to suit any scene or period.

For hobbyists into railway modelling, this piece is an excellent addition to enhance the immersive experience of your miniature world. The model is supplied unpainted to allow for customisation according to personal preference.

Dimensions: Length 64mm, Width 40mm, Height 80mm

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Keywords: resin miniature, water tower, 1:76 scale, railway modelling, tank, liquid storage, oo railway, building structure

"To achieve a similar result to the finished water tower and tank you see, I started with a base coat to establish a good foundation for subsequent layers. I selected a palette of weathered hues to give it an aged appearance that could realistically blend into a railway setting. After the base coat dried, I applied washes to bring out the details and textures. I used dry brushing to highlight the edges and create a more worn look. To enhance the realism of the mini, I focused on subtle rust and patina effects around the metal and water-stained areas. The key is to layer and blend colours patiently, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next." - Stuart
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