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In my latest set of 1:56 scale miniatures, I've brought together functionality and fine detail to serve both as a game piece and a collector's item. Reflecting the dimensions found in the equipment of the era, these three ammo boxes represent the supplies essential for historical wargaming scenes. I've taken care to ensure that the dimensions of each piece are true to scale, providing that sense of authenticity to the tabletop battlefield.

Constructed with attention to realistic details, the boxes come in two distinct styles, one resembling a wooden crate, visibly sporting wood grain and metal banding, and the others modelled as metal containers. They fit seamlessly in scenarios intended for 28mm figures, enhancing the tactical environment and adding a layer of strategy to wargaming sessions.

Dimensions: Length 31mm, Width 17mm, Height 10mm. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personalisation.

"To achieve a similar finish to these ammo boxes, I started with a base coat of matte paint, carefully selecting shades that mimic the hues found in historical references. For the wooden box, I applied a light brown undercoat, and for the metal containers, I went with a dark olive green. Once dry, I added depth and wear through dry brushing with lighter tones, focusing on edges and raised areas to create a natural worn look. Lastly, washes in appropriate colours were applied in the recesses to accentuate detail and give the impression of age and use." - Stuart
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