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This set of three resin 1:56 scale ammo boxes is tailored for wargaming enthusiasts who appreciate attention to detail and scale consistency. Respecting the proportions relevant to a 28mm scale, each piece is designed to blend seamlessly into historical or tabletop game settings. The boxes capture the essence of what you'd expect on the battlefield or within a military supply depot, with modelled grooves and hinges that convey their purpose. The dimensions of Length 24mm, Width 24mm, and Height 10mm ensure they are well-sized for handling and placement on the gaming table.

Supplied unpainted, these are ideal for painters looking to add their own touch of realism to their scenery.

1:56 for 28mm


Dimensions: Length 24mm, Width 24mm, Height 10mm

Keywords: resin miniatures, 1:56 ammo boxes, wargaming accessories, scale model supplies, military miniatures, historical wargames, tabletop scenery, resin scenery pieces.

"To create a similar set of miniature ammo boxes to the ones shown, I first base-coated them with a suitable primer to ensure subsequent layers of paint adhered well. Once the primer was dry, I applied a base color similar to the hues used for wooden or metal ammo crates, depending on historical references or intended setting. Details were picked out with a finer brush, such as metallic clasps and wear on edges to represent handling and use. A wash was then used to accentuate the textures and do shadowing, to add depth to the wooden planks and metal parts. Finally, a light dry brushing with a lighter color highlighted the raised details, and a matte varnish sealed the paint job, protecting it from handling during games." - Stuart
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