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This weighbridge and office sit at the heart of a busy factory yard, rendered at the precise scale of 1:76, which will resonate well with railway modelling enthusiasts. The attention to detail ensures it looks right at home within a OO gauge layout. The textured surfaces, like the tiled roof and the diamond-patterned weighbridge platform, are designed to capture the essence of the structures they represent. The dimensions are spot on, creating an immersive and believable setting for the piece. Remember, this model is supplied unpainted, allowing you the chance to bring your own style and palate to the scene.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm, Small office building and weighbridge for factory or recycling yard, Dimensions: Length 65mm Width 47mm Height 53mm.

Keywords: railway modelling, OO gauge, resin miniature, weighbridge, office building, scale model, 1:76 scale.

"To achieve a similar finish to this model, I first applied a primer to ensure the paint would adhere properly to the surface. Once the primer was set, I methodically applied the base colors, making sure to capture all the details inherent in the resin casting. For the finer features, such as the windows and door of the small office building, I used a fine brush for precision. To create a weathered look that would be fitting for a factory or recycling yard environment, I dry-brushed lighter tones over the darker base shades to highlight the texture, especially on the roof. Patience and a steady hand were key to achieving the subtle nuances that give this model its lifelike appearance. I finished the piece by sealing it with a clear coat to protect the paint job." - Stuart
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