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For wargaming enthusiasts who appreciate precision, these 1:56 scale wheels are designed specifically for the Bedford OYD truck model. Not only do they have the size to complement 28mm figures, they also enhance the scene with their well-defined treads and robust tyres that speak volumes about the era and utility of the vehicle they belong to. I take pride in the level of detail that went into creating these components, understanding that they can be the difference between a good model and a great one. Whether used as spare parts for the Bedford OYD or for custom vehicle conversions, they're versatile enough to meet various needs on the tabletop.

As someone who enjoys the intricacies of wargames, I know the importance of scale accuracy. You'll find that these wheels fit perfectly with vehicles and dioramas scaled to 1:56. They're suitable for representing historical settings with accuracy, allowing for a richer, more engaging gaming experience. Each wheel measures 18.8 mm in diameter and is 8 mm thick, providing the right proportions for detailed customization.

1: 56 scale for 28 mm wargames, 4 spare wheels with tactical tyres from our Bedford OYD model. Use as vehicle spares as part of a load or use for your own vehicle conversions. Dimensions

"To achieve the finished look of these scale wheels, I started with a solid base coat to ensure that the detailed textures would stand out. Then, by applying a series of washes and dry brushing techniques, I enhanced the depth of the treads and the rim details. This also brought out the nuances that make the wheels look weathered, as though they've been through the rigours of a battlefield. I focused on subtle shades of green and brown to give the impression of wear and use that you would expect in a realistic scenario. The key was to build up the layers of paint gradually, allowing each one to dry before applying the next, resulting in a more authentic look." - Stuart
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