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These resin miniatures represent wicker gabions, an essential component for setting the scene in wargames and complementing your OO scale railway layouts. I've taken special care in designing these to fit seamlessly with existing miniature collections, ensuring they harmonise with the precise scale of 1:72. The wicker texture is finely represented, giving each piece a believable and lifelike appearance. When painted, they offer a realistic addition to defensive layouts, appearing as though they have been hastily constructed by soldiers or engineers on the battlefield or by the railway side. Each gabion measures Length 14mm, Width 14mm, Height 18mm. These models are supplied unpainted.

1:72 for OO or 20mm. 3 earth filled wicker gabions. Dimensions: Length 14mm Width 14mm Height 18mm.

Keywords: OO scale wicker gabions, wargames miniatures, resin defence structures, historical wargaming accessories, scale modelling, miniature terrain, 1:72 scale.

"To achieve a similar finish to these wicker gabions, I started with a base coat that captures the natural tone of wicker, followed by dry brushing to bring out the texture. For the earth effect on top, I stippled on a mix of browns and greys, finishing with a light dry brush to resemble disturbed soil. These simple techniques help to bring out the detail, ensuring the gabions look their part in a 1:72 scale setting." - Stuart
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