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This wicker gabion artillery screen, scaled to 1:56, is designed with attention to historical detail to enhance wargaming experiences. The screen's scale ensures it fits seamlessly into the typical setup with 28mm miniatures. Its earth and rubble filling are shaped to provide a sense of realism, modeling the makeshift defences one would encounter on a historical battlefield. The dimensions of Length 92mm, Width 20mm, and Height 18mm allow for sufficient coverage of field pieces while maintaining an unobtrusive presence on the table. This model is supplied unpainted, ready for hobbyists to customize to match the rest of their collection.

1:56 for 28mm. Earth and rubble filled gabion screen for field pieces. Dimensions: Length 92mm, Width 20mm, Height 18mm.

Keywords: wicker gabion, 1:56 defences, wargaming accessories, scale realism, miniature fortifications, historical wargames, resin screen, artillery defence.

"To achieve the finish on this wicker gabion artillery screen, I started with a base coat that would bind well to the resin. I chose earthy tones to represent the natural materials and added darker shades into the recesses to give the impression of depth and wear. For added realism, I dry-brushed lighter hues on the edges to highlight the texture of the wicker and the packed earth. To complete the piece, I applied a subtle amount of weathering and a touch of static grass to replicate the look of a defensive structure that's seen some use in the field." - Stuart
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