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For tabletop wargaming enthusiasts looking for that extra level of detail in their scenes, this 1:56 scale wooden supply punt offers a realistic touch to their gaming battlefield. With proportions in line with 28mm figures, the boat adds depth and context to scenarios set by the river or dockside. The craftsmanship focuses on the fine lines and wooden texture, giving a credible representation of historical supply vessels. Care has been taken to provide clear details such as the individual planks and structural supports, which contribute to the overall feel of realism. Perfect for those keen on reflecting historical accuracy in their games. Dimensions of the model are Length 142mm Width 52mm Height 14mm. Note the model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 for 28mm

Simple flat topped wooden supply boat

Dimensions: Length 142mm Width 52mm Height 14mm

Keywords: resin miniature, wooden supply punt, 1:56 scale, tabletop wargaming accessories, historical boat model, supply vessel, 28mm scale boat, miniature crafting, wargames modelling, hobbyist boat, unpainted resin model.

"To achieve a similar look for your model, begin by applying a base coat of dark brown to represent the wood. Once dry, lightly dry brush with a lighter shade of brown to highlight the wooden planks and give a sense of weathering. For finer details, use a fine brush to accentuate the textures and contours on the boat. A subtle wash can help define the structure, giving depth to the crevices and adding realism. Seal the paint with a matte varnish to protect the finish." - Stuart
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