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This 1:76 scale wheelhouse model captures the essence of nautical craftsmanship, reflecting a piece of maritime heritage that would complement any railway-based boat scene. The crisp lines and proportions are true to form, with attention to the subtlest of details that only close inspection reveals – like the wood grain on the exterior walls and the delicate structure of the roof. The dimensions are faithfully respected: length 26mm, width 18mm, height 24mm, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your railway setting. This piece is supplied unpainted, allowing you to impart your own artistic vision and finish.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm.

Keywords: resin miniature, scale wheelhouse, 1:76, OO railway, model boat, detail painting, miniature weathering, railway modelling, nautical accessory, hobby crafting

"To achieve a similar finish to this wheelhouse, I began with a base coat that seals the resin and provides a solid foundation for further detailing. I carefully selected an appropriate color palette to reflect the weathered look of a wooden wheelhouse that has seen many years at sea. A combination of dry brushing and washes helped to highlight the wooden textures and give depth to the paneled sides. I added subtle rust effects around the metal fixtures to suggest exposure to the elements. For the windows, I used a light blue, adding a hint of white to create the illusion of reflection. It's these small touches that bring the miniature to life." - Stuart
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