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Focusing on the British WW2 era, I have crafted this detailed representation of a 25-pounder field gun, beautifully scaled to complement 28mm wargames. The intricate design showcases signs of wear and damage consistent with historical contexts, providing an immersive backdrop for tabletop scenarios. I aimed to echo the spirit of the period and the hard-fought battles in which such a piece might have been found abandoned.

For hobbyists who appreciate the balance of scale and realism, this wrecked field gun model captures both. Its dimensions are 69mm L x 40mm W x 33mm H for the main body, while the barrel measures 46mm L x 5mm W x 6mm H, ensuring it fits seamlessly into wargame setups.

Supplied unpainted, the resin kit allows enthusiasts to customise and paint it according to their personal preferences for historical accuracy or artistic licence.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames

British WW2 and post war field gun.

A wrecked and abandoned gun with smashed shield.

A simple 2 piece kit.

Dimensions overall 69mm L x 40 mm W x 33 mm H. Barrel 46 mm L x 5 mm W x 6 mm H

Keywords: 1:56 scale, 28mm, wargames accessories, wargames vehicles, WW2 British, miniature field gun, resin model kit, tabletop gaming.

"To achieve a similar finish on this model, I began with a base coat of dark green, reflecting the standard paint used on British WW2 field guns. After the base coat dried, I applied a lighter green dry brush to highlight edges and create a worn look. I painted details such as the metal parts and wooden handles with appropriate colors, and then used a wash to accentuate the shadows and add depth. Finally, I applied a bit of rust and weathering effects sparingly to give it that abandoned and wrecked appearance." - Stuart
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