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Our 1:72 scale model showcases the Bedford OYD in a wrecked condition, suitable for both wargaming and OO railway enthusiasts. Drawing from historical sources, I ensured that the proportions and details align closely with the full-sized vehicle to maintain scale accuracy. The model has been designed to reflect the wear and tear of a vehicle that has seen action, with attention given to the realism of its damaged features.

The detail in the casting allows you to appreciate the intricate aspects of the design without a need for additional assembly – it’s ready to be painted straight out of the box. Whether it's for adding a realistic touch to your battlefield or bringing an element of history to your model railway, this piece provides versatility.

Dimensions: Length 84mm Width 33mm Height 30mm. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

Keywords: resin miniature, Bedford OYD, OO gauge, 1:72 scale, wargaming, military vehicle, OO railway, railway accessories, WWII British, scale model.

"I began by applying a base coat to the resin model, selecting colours that represent the original vehicle, but still showing wear and age to capture its wrecked state. I then added layers of weathering using dry brushing and washes to accentuate the details and texture, giving it a more realistic look. I carefully painted the smaller details, like the windows and tires, to give contrast and depth to the miniature." - Stuart
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