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This is a finely detailed piece representative of Allied vehicles from WW2, captured in the scale of 1:56, suiting 28mm wargaming perfectly. With my keen interest in historical vehicles, I take pride in the level of detail achieved on this model, which has been designed for a truly immersive tabletop experience. The dimensions of Length 112mm Width 43mm Height 38mm make it a substantial yet perfectly scaled addition to any military vehicle collection.

The model reflects thoughtful design, with carefully sculpted features that accurately convey the look of a vehicle that's seen action. The intricate components, like the metal tilt frame, are built directly into the piece, saving you time and effort whilst adding to the overall realistic appearance.

Whilst building scenarios for wargames, collectors and hobbyists will find this model to be an integral piece that enhances the tactical environment and adds depth to the storytelling.

And to ensure your customisation, this model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 for 28mm, Dimensions: Length 112mm Width 43mm Height 38mm, Fully assembled + 1 metal tilt frame.

Keywords: military vehicle, wargaming, WW2 Allied vehicles, resin miniature, scale model, 1:56

"As I worked on the model, I focused on creating a realistic, weathered look that would resonate with its World War II theme. After cleaning the resin surface, I used a base coat to ensure the subsequent layers of paint would adhere properly. When it came to detailing, I applied a mix of washes and dry brushing techniques to emphasise the textures and bring out the vehicle's rugged features. I paid special attention to the damaged elements, adding subtle rust effects and highlighting the wear and tear with different shades of metal and earth tones. To finish, I sealed the model with a matte varnish to protect the paint job while maintaining the realistic finish." - Stuart
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