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This model captures the essence of a once-useful military vehicle now sitting dormant, a piece of history frozen in time. Every inch demonstrates attention to detail, from the paneled truck bed to the cab's characteristic shape, grounded in historical evidence. I took care to ensure that the scale, 1:72, remains consistent throughout the model, making it a fitting addition for both wargaming landscapes and railway modelling setups. It occupies the footprint of 85mm in length, 30mm in width, and 30mm in height, a sizeable presence ready to enhance a collection or a strategic war scene. Suitable for enthusiasts who appreciate the visual narrative that such a piece brings to their collection or gameplay, it serves as a reminder of the vehicles that once played a role in the theatre of war. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for a personalised finish.

1:72 scale for 20mm or OO Canadian military pattern truck. Wrecked and abandoned. Dimensions: Length 85mm Width 30mm Height 30mm. Single piece casting. No assembly required.

Keywords: 1:72 scale, military vehicle, CMP F60L truck, wargaming, railway modelling

"To recreate the look of this wrecked CMP F60L truck model, I started with a base coat to establish the general colours - a mix of greens and browns to reflect the vehicle's service in a military scenario, suggesting exposure to the elements and the wear of battle. I then worked in layers, dry brushing to highlight the edges and textures, and add depth to the surfaces. Weathering was key; I applied a wash to accentuate the recessed details and simulate grime. The final touch involved adding subtle rust effects and hints of foliage to situate the vehicle in a believable context, suggesting it has been abandoned in the field for some time. With patience and attention to small details, a similar finish can be achieved, bringing the resin miniature to life." - Stuart
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