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Carefully designed to match the equipment used by British forces in WW2, these 1:56 scale resin fuel cans are faithful to the size and details of the real objects. These miniature accessories are ideal for enhancing the look of your models and dioramas, providing a sense of scale and depth that brings historical scenarios to life for wargaming enthusiasts. The resin material captures fine detail, allowing for precise painting which I've demonstrated on these completed pieces. In the set, you'll find both Flimsies and P.O.W. cans, designed accurately according to historical reference. Adding these to your British vehicles or supply depots will elevate the scene with their convincing proportions. The dimensions of the Flimsies are 17mm L x 6mm W x 8mm H, while the POW cans measure 13mm L x 5mm W x 6mm H.

1:56 for 28mm. 2 groups of 3 flimsies and 2 groups of 4 P.O.W. (petrol oil water) cans. Ideal for adding to British vehicles. Dimensions Flimsies 17mm L x 6mm W x 8mm H. POW 13mm L x 5mm W x 6mm H.

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, British fuel cans, resin miniatures, WW2 wargames accessories, miniature supplies, Flims

"To achieve a similar finish to the fuel cans in the image, I started with a primer to ensure the top coats of paint would adhere properly and to bring out the details. I used acrylic paints to match the colour and texture of the originals from the period. To give them a worn look, typical of what you'd see in field conditions, I applied a wash to accentuate the shadows and a light dry brush to highlight the edges. It's all about layering the paint to create depth and a sense of use." - Stuart
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