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Crafted with attention to detail, these 1:76 scale pontoon miniatures are perfect for enhancing any OO gauge railway harbour scene. The texture of the walkways replicates the wooden planking found in real marinas, further enriched by the delicate sculpting of the flotation devices. The proportions align with expectations for railway models, ensuring that these pontoons sit comfortably in a scene, contributing to its overall coherence. These pieces complement any small boat marina setup, inviting a closer look to appreciate the craftsmanship. When placed within a layout, they offer a subtle but significant touch of realism that can often be overlooked. Dimensions as follows: Walkway is 99mm L x 20mm W x 5mm H, sitting on 3 floats 19mm L x 12mm W x 4mm H. For railway modellers, these pontoons are a delightful addition to a maritime setting. This model is supplied unpainted.

Text Description:

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. 2 Floating pontoon walkways for small boat marina. Dimensions Walkway is 99mm L x 20mm W x 5mm H sitting on 3 floats 19mm L x 12mm W x 4mm H


resin miniature, 1:76 scale, OO gauge, railway accessories, pontoon, yacht marina, boat harbour, railway boats, nautical models, floating walkway

"To achieve this finish on the yacht marina pontoons, I started with a base coat that captures the natural look of weathered wood, using acrylic paints for a more realistic effect. After the base coat dried, I applied subtle washes to accentuate the planks and textures on the walkways. A careful dry-brushing technique brought out the details, especially around the edges and on the floats beneath. I finished by painting the float details to resemble metal brackets with a touch of rust for that extra bit of realism." - Stuart
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